Are You Mobile Ready?

The holidays upon us and the advertising and marketing push is in full swing from apps that let you know where to find an open parking spot at the mall to emails telling you of the best deals to be found via online shopping; the message is clear or rather it is clear there are many messages out there!

Here are a few that we have discerned…buy, buy, buy AND why doesn’t your online presence include mobile web design AND does your website HAVE a mobile version?

In the digital age, where everyone has a mobile device either in their hands, in their pocket or in their purse local internet marketing has become critical in helping get those people into your store, onto your site and purchasing your product or service.

The best web design in Los Angeles is just a click away as should YOUR site be “just a click away”. With the proper research via Google Analytics of a niche keyword and implementation of Google Adwords campaign you could see an increase in traffic to your site.

Do you want your mobile website to be available to more than half of the population of Los Angeles County? The population is currently 9.8 million which means that nearly 6.5 million people own and use a Smartphone.

You will want to make sure that your mobile website is user friendly and fully functional so that you can capture those seeking your product or service.

There are many that claim to be online gurus but finding an SEO company with skilled internet marketing consultants is critical to not only getting results in a timely manner and the most desirable return on investment but a mobile site that functions properly.

Local internet marketing provided by a solid SEO services can create a more visible web presence and more traffic to your site.

You realized the need for a website for your business and diligently worked your way through to the creation of content, menu items, colors, images and launch but did you make certain that your site could be viewed on a smart phone? This is yet another market that you need to reach in order to remain top of mind with those seeking your goods and services (your brand).

You must continue to stay relevant to your customers and continue to update your site. You need to engage your customers on the various social media platforms as well.

We can talk about social media in another posting…for now…get your mobile site up and running.