California Drought…pay attention

The drought in California is real.

Not only is there a shortage of water due to lack of rainfall, there is the unusually high temperatures to contend with as well as the challenges of using the water tables to make up the difference.

There are many ways to conserve water…some simple, like turning off the water when you brush your teeth or soap up in the shower….brush, bathe then rinse.

And some not so simple like checking your irrigation system.

Pay attention to where your sprinklers are spraying or even IF they are spraying. When you check your sprinklers make sure they are not watering the sidewalk, street or any other hardscape in your yard. Also take a look to make sure there is not a broken sprinkler head or if you have a drip system make sure all of the hoses are sound and not sprouting leaks.

The best plan is to plant drought resistant plants, cap off your old sprinkler system and live with a yard that is environmentally friendly.

California is essentially a desert and we have been importing water for many years and using it much too freely.

It is time we respect the commodity of water. We must remind ourselves that water is a life source and needs to be preserved and protected and used wisely.

Pay attention…every little drip saved truly helps.

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