Isn’t it time to start paying attention?

While we are busy multitasking, taking selfies of ourselves multitasking, posting them to whatever social media account we favor, working, raising our children, paying our rent or mortgage we are losing track of what is truly important.

It seems to me we are not paying attention as our wells are running dry, our food is being compromised and our democracy is in a state of chronic malfunction! It is simple to carry on a discourse via FB or comment on articles posted to various blogs or news outlets but isn’t it time to start paying attention and to┬áput down your mobile device and unplug your laptop/iPad/desktop and look around and take serious stock of what is happening in our world right now.

Yes, we do live in one of the cushiest countries in terms of basic human needs…for now…but we need to take a serious look at how we are using our resources…natural or otherwise.

What are you doing to save water? Fixing sprinklers, shortening watering times and increments? Planting a drought resistant native garden? turning off the water while you brush your teeth and even while sudsing up in the shower? Are you composting? are you growing a vegetable garden? or do you think while you are busy texting your pal about dinner plans that there will always be veggies and bottled water at the store or at the local cafe o??

I heard a story once from a young man that had been teaching children about gardening. He was showing a youngster how to pull a carrot from the soil. The child was in awe of this beautiful, dirty carrot that came from the ground. He asked the gardener “how did you get that in there?”

This child had only seen carrots bunched and banded or bagged at the grocery store. He had no connection to the earth and where food comes from.

We need to start paying attention…not just to our water usage or composting for our gardens but all of it…all of the things we take for granted that was achieved and fought for by our forefathers and yep…foremothers!!

Take some time from your electronic life and do something no matter how small to take care of what we have…honor it, cherish it and preserve it because while you are busy NOT paying attention it will be gone and you will be wondering what happened?