Never Underestimate the Creative Ingenuity of a Hacker

We have been informed of yet another hacker attack on something that was supposedly secure and password protected.

Certain celebrity nude photos have been released by those who hacked into personal iCloud storage accounts.

This was not about an ex-lover releasing nude photos of their former partner. These images were saved in what was considered secure data storage . These personal files were password protected. This supposedly safe and secure storage was hacked into by creative geniuses who have no regard for personal privacy.

These images were the personal and private property of these women. It matters not whether they should have posed nude; that too is their personal choice.

What needs to be considered, once again is protection of your personal images and files. What is truly secure? What level of security can you trust?

If you have confidential images and documents there are other options for saving them digitally. There is the old fashioned flash drive and the external drive. These are physical pieces of equipment that can be kept in a safe or locked area. The level of protection you need is based upon the level of confidentiality you are seeking.

You may need to consult with a security professional; someone with a computer coding and hacking skills.

The responsibility is ultimately on YOU, since the statement released by Apple was that “the passwords weren’t strong enough”. Really? Yes! That was their response.

So your response should be:

Take ALL of your images and personal data OFF of your iCloud account and purchase an external drive…a physical piece of equipment that can be literally locked in a safe. Then create a password that cannot be hacked and change it on a regular basis and only store bits that you do not care if they become publicly released because if you store your data on a cloud server you can be sure the creative ingenuity of a hacker will find a way back into your life.

Pay attention and be careful out there.