Remember that old saying…?

Do you remember that old saying “think globally, act locally”?

How is one to do this in the 21st Century? Amazon makes it so easy to order something…perhaps anything you can possibly thing of and have it at your doorstep the next day. (as long as you give them all of your information and don’t mind having them track your spending…but hey that’s another blog post!)

Nonetheless, how ARE we going to support our world and community at the same time in this digital age?

We DO need to support our local businesses when we can and they most likely have a website so that you can find them if you are so inclined to use your mobile device or desktop computer. Make an effort to visit your local stores and local businesses…go ahead and FIND them on your laptop or mobile device but buy things from them if you can. Read labels…ask where something is made or grown, ask them about their business.

Find a local dentist too rather than a chain dental office…go to your local farmers markets…stop in at an independent book  store and buy a book…attend an author event; get involved in  your community at some level so that you make a connection between what drives your local economy and builds upon the engine of American commerce.

Pay attention to the impact your purchases have on the local well being and health of your own neighborhood.   Your small efforts to purchase a few things locally will help your local economy and will surely ripple out to the rest of the world.

You can make a difference.