Technology…not all bad!

good bad

We have taken every precaution about protecting our identity and watching what we post online but  let’s talk about the good things that technology can do for us.

A GPS device can keep you from getting lost and help you find your way.

A microchip in a dog or cat can help them find their way home  should they become separated from you for any reason.

A pacemaker can help keep your heart beating regularly and lasers are not just for pointing anymore!

DNA information can not only free an innocent person from prison it can help another person become proactive with their health efforts.

Technology can help health care professionals not only diagnose, measure and track an affliction, technology may at times help to treat the issue. They are now able to pin point exactly where radiation should be directed instead of blasting the entire body.

We now have “extreme connectivity” as it has been recently coined. Simply by using our mobile devices we can check our home security system, close the garage door, start our dishwasher and make sure the nanny is taking proper care of our children.

As we pay careful attention to our personal tech worlds we can also be grateful for the therapeutic technologies that can not only enhance our daily lives but save them as well.

We can take the good with the bad!