Watch what you click…

My mantra these days has been “pay attention”…

Pay attention to what information you provide to FB or Amazon or Google+ and what you say or post on FB (again) on Twitter or Instagram…those things live forever. You surely know this by now…but what about the power of the click or even where the cursor on your mouse is pointing?

As you peruse your online news source or social media outlet pay attention to what you click on. By clicking on a story or “news” article you are giving it power. Are you “sick of hearing about the Kardashians”? Stop clicking on those stories about them.

Are you tired of seeing stories about the crazy politicians in Washington? ¬†Stop clicking on the articles about those crazy people. If there is a political candidate or congress person that you do not care for and are tired of seeing their face in your news source…stop clicking on it. When you see a headline that spurs you to ask yourself “what have they done NOW“? and are about to click on the article telling you about their latest error in judgement DO NO DO IT! If you really DO NOT want to see anymore of those stories…HOLD off on clicking on the story. IT WILL GO AWAY!

Just as the “power of the purse” can hold sway over a corporation’s latest horrible ad…”don”t shop there!” so too is the click a powerful weapon in the online world of providing the kind of news they think you want….even if you don’t want it.

So pay attention to what little  power you do have with that mouse and use your mouse and its clicks wisely.