Your computer and website challenges are not just about viruses anymore.

There is something more “global” going on than simply a virus attacking your computer. You have no doubt heard about the various “hacks” on major department stores, banking institutions and healthcare providers and may be thinking if they cannot protect themselves then how can I possibly protect my privacy and my business?

With the “convenience” of online banking and mobile banking, smart refrigerators, computers in cars and home security systems (to name only a few) you are far more vulnerable to hacks than you may have realized.  All of these items are known as the “internet of things”. Each of these life conveniences can be portals for hackers.

If you are a small business owner your very livelihood could be at risk. These risks can include destabilizing your website to the point of it not running at all (DDos) Distributed Denial of Service.

How do you know if your office network of computers has be set up with the best security controls or if your linked devices are poorly configured, or worse, have no security controls at all?

With so many accessories plugging in to your computer and mobile device it is nearly impossible to determine if you are putting your computer(s) at risk.

The goal of universal protection is to uncover software vulnerabilities, demonstrate the impact of the weakness and provide recommendations for mitigation.   WPS can provide solutions for you that will make sense beyond the technical lingo and maintain the systems since the forces of creative computer hacking are constantly finding new ways to get at your stuff!