Your Vote Counts

With more and more money being spent (latest count was well over $4 BILLION) to convince us who to vote for and who NOT to vote for don’t you think we should start paying attention?

If these huge donors are putting THAT MUCH MONEY into the mid-term elections this would indicate to me that even MORE MONEY is on the line as it pertains to what is on the ballot. (not to mention what they will be spending in the next Presidential election!)

Okay, so you may be saying to yourself…my vote doesn’t count and why bother… but apparently it DOES COUNT…why else would SO MUCH MONEY be spent to convince you to vote one way or the other?

Do not for one minute take for granted your RIGHT to vote or that could be lost as well…consider the ill-conceived voter ID laws that are popping up all over this country (thank goodness the Supreme Court has been able to rule some of them as unconstitutional) and consider the hard fought women’s health rights that are slowly being taken away.

Take the time to read up on the propositions, the referendums, the candidates and the issues.

It has never been easier to do your homework…go to the web and do your research.

The other side is counting on you NOT showing up at the polls…

Be truly patriotic; research the issues and candidates and exercise YOUR RIGHT to vote.

Your VOTE DOES COUNT…why else would they pay SO MUCH to help make the decision for you?

In the end…they only count the votes, not the money!