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Questions about Boosting Your Website’s Placement: When selecting a company to enhance your website’s search engine ratings, there are some questions you should ask in order to determine which SEO firm delivers the highest quality of service and technological expertise to help you achieve your goals. The questions below and their answers will help guide you in your decision making.

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Does WPS outsource work overseas?
No! Web Placement Solutions is headquartered in the United States and maintains their servers in-house. Since WPS is based in California your project managers and customer service reps can give you answers and advice quickly; in hours not days.

What are you going to do to my website?
Your company has its own unique needs and goals and ideas for its website. Therefore, in order to develop the best campaign to SEO your website and to achieve the highest organic search engine rankings; Web Placement Solutions (WPS) will evaluate your site based on the following.

  • Content, structure and keywords
  • What your competition is doing
  • What is your niche market

We then recommend the best optimization techniques, creative content, Internet Marketing and Social Media strategies. Each client has different needs and goals and WPS uses the best SEO tactics to achieve solid results based on the client’s needs.

What is the one best SEO tactic to achieve solid results?
The Search Engines consider many different factors when “crawling” Websites. Perhaps the most important criteria are KEY WORDS and RELEVANCY. Creating a website using relevant keywords is vital. That’s why keyword research is high on the list of SEO tactics. This is an extremely powerful factor in optimizing your site to achieve the highest organic rankings. The better the keywords are and the more relevant your content is to those keywords the stronger your site will be when being considered for placement by the major search engines.

Why does my site need SEO?
SEO optimizes every part of your website to give your Company the most exposure when people look for a business like yours via the search engines. It can be the most powerful tool in your Companies marketing arsenal. The SEO services provided by WPS allow you to focus on your business while WPS focuses on getting new customers to visit you online. What good is your site if no one can find it online?

If I want to create a Website, where should I begin?
Look at the websites of your competitors. After gathering ideas and content we’ll combine your ideas and suggestions with our expertise in keyword research and content optimization. What is the end result? It’s a custom campaign that moves your site to where it needs to be, while delivering the brand image and mission statement to your target audience. Give us a call at 800 886-0491 to get a FREE consultation.

What is “Black Hat” SEO and does it work?
Some companies guarantee great search engine results in a very short time. When this occurs, it is likely that Black Hat search engine optimization techniques are being implemented. These tactics are considered unethical and are in violation of the Fair Practice Guidelines set forth by major search engines. Black Hat techniques don’t work for long. Jumping to the top of the natural rankings using unethical tactics eventually gets you penalized by the search engines or even worse, blacklisted and banned.
Web Placement Solutions is ethically and morally dedicated to providing you an online marketing campaign that lasts the life of your business. We ensure that the work we do for your site adheres to the guidelines set forth by Google™ and other search engines. You can be confident that you have a legitimate strategy that delivers business to you for years to come.

I used to be on the first page of the search engines. Now I am not. What happened?
The method used by search engine and Web Crawlers are constantly changing. With this in mind, the techniques and methods involved with SEO are very dynamic and ever changing. Considering that requirements to rank at the top naturally or “organic results” versus paid or sponsored results are unpredictable, it is critical to have a development team constantly monitoring these criteria and making these changes for you daily. Without constant attention to online marketing and SEO guidelines, your website can fall down in the rankings very quickly. WPS provides this vigilant monitoring on a daily basis and will help keep you website at the top of the search engine rankings.

What if I need a Web site, but I am not ready for Search Engine Optimization?
No problem. At WPS we can help with basic website development services all the way to advanced Search Engine Marketing campaigns. You can start with a basic website design and add onto it as your business grows. Check out our "Web Design and Development" page, then Give us a call at (310) 349-8118 for a FREE consultation. Let’s discuss what works best for your business!

What about my competition?
At WPS we take very good care of our clients. One of the major benefits is the exclusivity you receive in your keyword research. Once you are on board, we will not take on a competitive business in your area that requires keyword optimization that competes with yours. This just makes sense and our clients agree.

Where are you located?
We are located in the heart of the South Bay, in Los Angeles County, in the city of Hawthorne, CA. Look for us on Google Places to find out more about our location. The beauty of the Internet is that we can work with you wherever you are located. You don’t need to be around the corner for us to improve your company’s website.

Who do I contact if I have a question or concern?
As our client, you will have your very own Account Manager assigned to you. He/she will be the main point of contact for everything with regard to your campaign. Our customer service team is also available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. You can feel comfortable and confident knowing that WPS is here to answer all of your questions. Have an immediate question as you read this? E-mail us now and someone will get back to you right away.
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