Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM)

Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM) is the process of tracking a Company’s actions and what other companies or individuals say or report about those actions. This process of negative reporting on those opinions, then in turn reacting to that report create a feedback loop that can affect the ranking of your Company’s website in the major search engines. The tracking and reporting of these opinions may range anywhere from word of mouth to a detailed negative review of your website products or services. It has been proven that if your company has a negative result right below your website, up to 70% of your customers will click on the negative results first before viewing your company’s website.

SERM has come to the forefront of many company’s reputation management techniques with the widespread advent of computer use. SERM tactics are often employed by companies who proactively try to shield their brands or reputations from damaging negative content brought to light through search engines queries. Companies can also use these tactics reactively to minimize damage done by competitors, individuals, and websites with similar offerings or review blogs. With the increased popularity and development of the major search engines and websites like Yelp, these tactics have become more important than ever.

SERM strategies include; search engine optimization, social media optimization and online content management. Since search engines are dynamic and in a constant state of change, it is essential that your company’s results are constantly monitored.

This is where Web Placement Solutions can help. Social Media marketing and networking is an excellent way for companies to monitor and reactively manage their online reputation. WPS offers a full range of SERM that will help your company get found fast, without any of the negative results hurting your company’s image.