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Here is how we break it down for you in more simple terms!

After reviewing your first round of the website designs you might feel that your designer is heading in the right art direction – which is great!  Or you might not think that it has the right look and feel. But most importantly either way you need to know how to clearly communicate specific things to your web designer in order to make the necessary adjustments as you envision them. Below you will find examples of what WPS, will need to know from your side to design a website that fits your business, and so you get the best web design in Los Angeles.

  • Color Scheme

Do you like that red paired with soft grey? Do you prefer to have a lighter color tone, or darker or more neutral color? 

  • Layout

What do you think of the header section – where the menu navigation is located? How about the main content section, whether it is a full-width, or with right/left side bar panel? The goal is to create a layout that makes sense for people to navigate conveniently. 

  • Details & Placements

Is the site's web design or mobile web design too full, cluttered or too empty? If you have too much content, it needs to either be broken down into more pages, or cut content. And vice versa if it is too empty, look for ideas to add good content to your website. 

  • Font Types

The style of a font conveys a certain voice to its readers. Determine if your website should have a more modern or a more conservative look, depending on how you want your audience to perceive your brand. 

  • Images & Graphics

A picture says a thousand words, so it is crucial to find the right image and graphic element for new your website. Do you need a source for stock images? WPS can offer stock photos at a low cost. 

  • Size & Proportion

With the many sizes of monitor screens, smart phones and tablets, your website needs to present itself in a fairly consistent look (size and proportion) in a wide variety of sizes and resolutions. How you see the website mockups on your computer screen or mobile web design is not necessarily what people see on their computer screen, so make sure you are viewing the mockups in its actual size with your graphic on different types of devices of the people in Los Angeles.

  • Domain Name

Have you secured your domain name yet? If not you need can check your new Domain’s availability and then register your new domain name by going to our sister site, icannpremier to purchase you new domain name and set up your Web Hosting package all in one place. 

  • Number of pages

How many pages were you planning to create? And what are those pages? For example: Home, About Us, Services, Careers, Blog, Contact Us, etc. 

  • Features

What are the features you would like to include in your website? For example: home page banner or header, a form on the contact us page, a photo gallery, shopping cart, etc.

  • Website Examples

WPS asks that you provide us with few examples of websites you like. This is so that we can share your vision with regards to the look and feel that you would like to achieve for your website. These website samples will be used as visual references in determining where the art-direction goes for the layout. Also, please provide us with links to the websites of your business competitors for our review and analysis.